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1st April Joke ----- New Traffic Lights to be introduce to help those with color blindness
By Newsroom
Mon - April 1, 2024 3:14 am  |  Article Hits:813  |  A+ | a-
1st April  Joke ----- IN the UK traffic lights are widely used both on major roads and within built-up areas. They are a collection of 2 or more colored lights, which can be seen on many of our junctions and pedestrian crossings that indicate whether it is safe and/or legal to continue across the path of other road users.

Oddly, the very 1st traffic lights had their roots in the railway signals used at the time, where 2 gas lamps, 1 being red and 1 green were used to tell train drivers if it was safe to continue, or not. This idea was to later be used to control traffic.

The very 1st use of traffic lights was on 10 December 1868, when a red and green light system was installed to control the increasing number of vehicles outside the Houses of Parliament, in London.  But, the 1st automatic traffic lights in the UK were installed on Princes Square, in Wolverhampton. Nowadays, traffic lights are often operated by complex computer software designed to optimize traffic flow, but up to now, they have remained the same colors for stop-and-go.

The use of Red and Green is a problem for those with color blindness, or color vision deficiency, which affects the drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians' ability to see color or differences in color. As a result, manufacturers of traffic lights and pedestrian signals have come up with a fantastic idea. The new traffic lights that have been designed by the UK's Traffic Management Industry are now being manufactured by Fri Apollo and will see lights being turned into popup shapes using shades of gray.

Having Gray Lights means UK traffic lights will now be:-
  •  Less expensive.
  •  Quickly Interpretable.
  •  More distinguishable from a distance.
  •  Accessible to as many people as possible.

What do you think about this April 1st idea for the installation of these new traffic lights on UK roads?

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Bus Driver
Tue, 2 April 2024 12:07 am
Using shapes might be a good idea. It could help too quickly. identify the light's meaning. We already use shapes in the form of arrows on traffic light filter lights and as a stick man on crossing signs. I know this report was a joke yet it gives us some good ideas about using shapes.


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This online newspaper and information service is regulated by
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