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Moorfields Station charges UK's 2nd MOST expensive parking fees
By Newsroom
News  |  Fri - March 29, 2024 10:17 pm  |  Article Hits:336  |  A+ | a-
A new study conducted by Moneybarn delved into the parking costs at the busiest Train Stations across the UK for an 8 hour stay during weekdays, to determine the most expensive Train Station car parks in the UK.

The 10 UK railway Stations with the most expensive car parks:-

Rank Railway station Total annual footfall (Apr 2021-Mar 2022) Parking price for 8 hours
1 Oxford 5,013,078 £31.50
2 Glasgow Central 15,322,350 £24.95
3 Moorfields 4,807,882 £24.95
4 Sheffield 7,205,884 £22.00
5 Reading 8,818,068 £21.00
6 Brighton 11,228,212 £20.00
7 Bristol Temple Meads 6,627,950 £19.80
8 Leeds 19,263,472 £17.50
9 Winchester 2,959,744 £17.00
10 Guildford 4,283,840 £15.50

Oxford takes 1st place as the most expensive Train Station car park in the UK, costing:- £31.50, for:- 8 hours. Oxford is a mainline railway Station and is:- 1 of 2 serving the City, with a footfall of 5 million annual visitors as of March 2022. The city is a popular day trip from London and nearby areas, as well as being a popular tourist destination. 

Glasgow Central and Moorfields, Liverpool, both rank 2nd amongst the UK's most expensive Train Station car parks, costing:- £24.95, for:- 8 hours. Being Scotland's biggest City, Glasgow Train Station is amongst the busiest in the UK, with a staggering annual footfall of 15 million in 2022. Despite welcoming just 4.8 million passengers annually, Moorfields matches Glasgow Central's parking fees at:- £24.95, for:- 6 to 24 hours.

Sheffield takes 4th place on the UK's list of most expensive Train Station car parks, costing:- £22.00, for:- 8 hours. Sheffield Station serves as a vital transportation link used by most British railway lines, catering to both local commuters and leisurely travellers. With an annual footfall of:- 7.2 million, as of 2022, it is the 11th busiest Train Station on this list.

Further findings:-
  • Chelmsford Station has the UK's most affordable Train Station car park, costing just:- £6.00, for:- 8 hours.
  • London Gatwick is London's most expensive Train Station, costing:- £50.00, for:- 8 hours of parking.

A list of the busiest Train Stations in the UK was taken from the Office of Rail Regulation's Estimates of Station usage. This data is accurate as of 01/02/2024.


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This online newspaper and information service is regulated by
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