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FACT Launches Artist Memberships for Studio/Lab
By Newsroom
News  |  Wed - March 27, 2024 11:50 pm  |  Article Hits:74  |  A+ | a-
FACT is pleased to announce the launch of Studio/Lab Artist Memberships, granting access to a brand new space purposefully designed for artists, researchers, curators, and technologists to experiment and play. Memberships offer numerous benefits, including access to dynamic and adaptable workspaces, the use of a variety of tech and equipment, free admission to events hosted within Studio/Lab, and mentorship opportunities provided by the FACT team.

Studio/Lab embodies FACT's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering creativity in the North West; serving as a hub for local and regional artists to connect, collaborate, and experiment. Located on the building's top floor, it is a co-working space for creatives whose practice is critically engaged and digitally focused. Equipped with mid to high end equipment, including new-generation technology and entry level immersive kits, as well as digital production tools, Studio/Lab can support artists across various digital practices.

Studio/Lab offers a variety of specialised spaces tailored to support the development of artistic practice, facilitate experimentation, and test new ideas. The Sound Studio, complete with microphones, a mixing desk, and sound deadening, provides an ideal environment for recording voiceovers, discussions, foley, or live streams. The Project Space is dedicated to hands-on work and can be used for soldering, 3D printing, and small-scale technical projects. Membership holders can relax in the Kitchen and Lounge, use flexible workspaces for focus time or meetings, as well as access a large Lab space for events and workshops. In the Digital Library, members will find an extensive collection of resources, including:- books on art, film, and creative technology, along with high-performance PCs equipped with specialised software such as:- Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity, and Unreal 4 and 5. For those working with moving image, there is a Video Studio equipped with the tools needed for:- editing, colour grading, rendering, and exporting.

Ellie Towers, Artist, said:- "As a Liverpool based digital artist, Studio/Lab has become an invaluable resource to me and our creative community. It provides a supportive environment where creatives are empowered to explore. Being the city's 1st accessible dedicated space for critically engaged artists to use digital facilities, Studio/Lab has inspired me to develop new ways of making, using exciting tech like:- 3D printers and high powered computers to render and create films. I can't wait to see how this collaborative atmosphere and access to tools will continue to elevate and enrich arts practices within the North West."

In addition to equipment and facilities, Studio/Lab offers a regular program of events, with free tickets available to members. Events range from masterclasses led by invited artists, filmmakers, and designers, to social gatherings that bring together artists, curators, researchers, and technologists interested in digital art and culture. Workshops are shaped to support the development of technical skills, with focuses including:- sound recording techniques, software tools such as Blender, and filmmaking. Members can attend knowledge-sharing opportunities with other artists and creatives who have expertise in a wide range of practices, as well as community meetings and informal group critiques, providing a nurturing environment for artists to receive and exchange constructive feedback on their works in progress.

Studio/Lab Artist Memberships are available through three different options Flexi, Full, and Pay As You Go. The Flexi membership provides access to Studio/Lab facilities on a part time basis, complete with benefits such as the use of equipment and tools, the option to attend artist development sessions, invitations to exclusive events, and tea and coffee. The Full membership option offers members increased access to Studio/Lab facilities, alongside an array of premium benefits such as personalised consultations with the FACT team, discounted rates for venue hire, and the option to split membership costs and privileges with a fellow artist. Lastly, the Pay As You Go membership offers an alternative for those who wish to use the space for co-working on an ad-hoc basis, allowing for the use of Studio/Lab's spaces without the commitment of a monthly or annual membership, ideal for visiting artists or those seeking greater flexibility.

For further information, please visit:- FACT.Co.UK.


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